At Unified Software we specialise in Bacs payment processing and data validation applications.

Our flexible and scalable software solutions help to simplify your business processes and improve the accuracy and reliability of your electronic payments.


BankPay-WS is a Bacstel-IP payment gateway application for processing direct debits and direct credits.
Available for a small cost per user per month.
RTI compatible.

BankVal UK

BankVal UK is a suite of web services used to validate uk bank sort codes, account numbers and credit card numbers and to provide full lookup of UK sort codes, including clearing information and accepted transaction types.

BankVal Server

BankVal Server is a customer hosted validation web service and batch validation application. Provides full validation and lookup of UK bank sort codes and account numbers.

BankVal International

BankVal International web services providing full validation of SWIFT BICs and IBANs.

EISCD Sort Code Directory

The Extended Industry Sorting Code Directory (EISCD), is the definitive UK banking database maintained centrally by VocaLink Limited

It contains clearing information essential for any business processing Direct Debits or Direct Credits.

SAP Industry Sorting Code Directory

Definitive Industry Sort Code Data, reformatted and pre-processed ready for direct import into your SAP ERP system.

Updated frequently to ensure the integrity of your Bank Master Data.


AddressVal is a UK postal address validation web service.

Ideal for use in paperless Direct Debit applications.