Bacs Approved Bureau Software

Manage your customers' submissions easily and efficiently

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BankPay Bureau

Let BankPay Bureau’s user friendly interface make processing your customers’ submissions quick and easy.

Easy to use

Structured Workflow

BankPay Bureau’s easy to use workflow guides you through the signing and submissions processes in the right order, letting you add files as you go.

Keeping it simple, so nothing gets missed.

Built in validation

BankPay Bureau uses the powerful BankVal validation engine to check the bank details within each file. Meet your Bacs submission requirements and prevent problems later on.

Smooth and error-free

The built in data editor lets you fix any data errors as they are discovered, so you won’t need to interrupt your workflows. The help system gives you more information whenever you need it.

Bacstel IP

Bureau software for Bacs submissions.

BankPay Bureau is Bacs approved, meaning it meets Bacs’ high security standards.

Easy to set up

Simple switching

Our helpful engineers can take you through the Bacs process to switch to BankPay Bureau – just tell us your switch date, and we’ll do the rest.

Expert support

Our expert staff are on hand to help you with installation, training and testing.

You’ll ready to start making Bacs submissions in no time.

Easy Data Import

The software’s powerful Data Mapping Tool lets you import your files in their native format.

It’s easy to add customer files to a submission as you go.

Simple and secure


BankPay Bureau has multi-level access and role based privileges, so you can control who gets access to what.

Built in Report Retrieval

Download your Bacs reports quickly and easily.

Clear Pricing

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