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Our founders George and Christine launched Unified Software in 2003. George was a software engineer in the finance sector, and kept noticing the same problems caused by invalid payment data. Tired of maintaining clunky server based validation solutions, he wanted something more agile and easier to use.

And so, we had the idea of putting bank detail validation on the cloud. A product of many early mornings and coffee-fuelled late nights, the award-winning BankVal hit the market in 2003. BankVal was the very first maintenance free, web based validation solution.

The service was immediately popular with a range of large and small businesses alike, which spurred us on to keep designing and creating. The team at Unified Software began to grow, and next came BankVal International and increased KYC checks. We continued to expand our product offering by putting our payment gateway software, BankPay, on the cloud too. With a passion to innovate, pioneer and create, over the years we developed the catalogue of products you see on our website today.

That leads us to 2020, with launch of BankVal Enhanced, including our machine learning fraud detection software. We’re proud to once again be offering a brand new, cutting edge solution. Its artificial intelligence gives you a unique insight into customer behaviour, so you can identify and prevent online fraud before it happens.

It’s our mission to continually improve security, efficiency, and user experience for small and large businesses of all kinds. Designing innovative solutions is what inspired George and Christine back in 2003, and it’s exactly what fuels Unified Software today.

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