Email Validation and Verification

Prevent fraudulent customer sign ups and bounced emails

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ISO 27001 Certified


Reduce attempted fraud

Fake email accounts can be a sign of attempted fraud.

Reduce email bounce rates

Maximise the quality of your customer data and reduce email bounce rates.

Validate and Verify

You can use our email validation to check that an email address is valid and deliverable. You can also verify that the account is live and accessible by the customer.

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Our email validation web service is a cloud based API which can easily be integrated anywhere in your system, for example at the point of data capture. So you can guarantee the quality of your customer data and keep your business running smoothly.

Easy setup

No software to install. Just call the email validation service with a few lines of program code and start validating within minutes.

Expert support

Receive support from the UK-based expert engineers who created the products. We’ll help you get up and running and make sure you get the most out of our service.

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Meet Bacs requirements for Direct Debit Compliance

It is the organisations responsibility to verify the customer and validate their details. For example identity, account details, customer address (source: Bacs)


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BankVal can help you meet these requirements with a suite of Fraud Detection and Know Your Customer checks.

Fraud Prevention

Use AI Fraud Prevention to stop anomalous activity in real time.

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Address Validation

Check your customer address is valid.

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Bank Account Validation

Check the validity of sort codes and account numbers.

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