Know Your Customer to Prevent Online Fraud

Prevent online fraud during Direct Debit and Direct Credit transactions with our suite of KYC checks and Fraud Detection artificial intelligence.


ISO 27001 Certified

Bacs compliance.

Use our Know Your Customer solutions to comply with Bacs scheme rules for payments.

BankVal Enhanced is a ‘Know Your Customer’ application. Use BankVal for KYC compliance, to improve the quality of the payments data that you gather online, and to prevent fraud.

Eliminate errors in payments data at the point of entry to your organisation, ensuring that Direct Debits and payments work as they should, saving you time and money.

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Know your Customer

The importance of Know Your Customer checks

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Use the following Know Your Customer checks

Email Validation

Prevent fraudulent customer sign ups and bounced emails.

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Address Verification

Be sure your customer’s address is genuine.

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Bank Sort Code and Account number validation

Check your bank details at point of data capture to ensure payments work first time.

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Fraud Prevention

Spot suspicious transactions in real time using AI based behavioural analysis.

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