IBAN Validation

Validate IBANs for any country using the ISO 13616:2007 standard.

The IBAN validate API:


This should be sent as a GET request. <userid> and <pin> should be replaced with your BankVal International User ID and PIN. <iban> should be replaced with the IBAN you wish to check. <format> can be xml, csv or json.

Please contact us to obtain userid and pin credentials.

Remember to include failover to the mirror system at www.unifiedservices.co.uk.

Sample valid response in xml format


Sample valid response in json format


Possible error messages

INVALID – Country Code – The Country Code within the supplied IBAN is not valid

INVALID – Modulus Check Failed – The IBAN failed the modulus check

INVALID – Format – The supplied IBAN is not in a valid format

ERROR – Invalid User ID/PIN – The User ID or PIN has not been recognised.

ERROR – UserID Expired – Trial user ID has expired.

ERROR – Insecure connection – An attempt was made to access BankValInt’s ibanvalidate service using insecure HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS.