Getting Started

Our APIs use the latest web service standards. We have provided API documentation and examples to make integration as simple as possible for you.

ISO 27001 Certified

All of our services are mirrored across two independent servers. Please make sure that your application can failover between the two mirror endpoints if a problem occurs.

The mirror systems are and They are identical and you can treat either one as your primary endpoint.

All calls to the API need to be sent with the calling organisation’s security credentials. Please contact us to obtain your User ID and PIN. 

The API is a REST API located at:


General Format of API Calls

All calls to the API should be in the form of a posted JSON object with specific elements for each service you wish to call. All elements must relate to the same payment or transaction. For example if processing an initial payment by card to be followed by direct debits, then both the card and account details should be provided. 


A request object to the API must include a credentials JSON object which contains the uname and PIN: {credentials:{uname:UNAME,pin:00000}}

For example, a call to validate a sort code and account number would look like:



The response will be in JSON format and will contain a validationID which can be used with the verify/check API to retrieve the result for the next 30 days (this will include any updated verification results). 

It will also contain a response object for each of the services requested, these are detailed in the pages for each function.