Sort Code and Account Checker

What could BankVal do for your business?

  • Make sure your payments and Direct Debits work first time
  • Validate sort code and account number combinations instantly
  • Avoid costly admin of chasing up failed payments
  • Meet Bacs validation requirements for processing Direct Debits

Enter a sort code number and account number. Click ‘check’ to view validity of the account and the corresponding bank branch information.

Example: try 202741, 20 27 41 or 20-27-41

This is a free demo capped at 5 uses per day.

Bacs Credit?
BACS Direct Debit?
CHAPS Accepted?
Faster Payments Accepted?
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The bank account checker modulus checks and validates sort code and account number combinations. It returns bank branch addresses and checks if the branch allows Direct Debits, Direct Credits, CHAPS and Faster Payments. Validate bank details to ensure that the account meets Bacs validation requirements for Direct Debit.

This tool is a free demo capped at 5 uses per day. If you’re looking to save time and money spent on chasing up bank detail discrepancies, BankVal Enhanced offers fully integrated sort code and account number validation in real time. Discover how you can give your customers a smooth, error-free checkout process.

Fraud Prevention

Use AI Fraud Prevention to stop fraudulent activity in real time.

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Sort Code & Account Number Validation

Modulus check and validate bank sort codes and account numbers

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