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Bank details validation

BankVal checks and validates sort code and account number combinations in real time as they’re entered into your system. Give your customer a smooth, secure and error-free checkout process, and save yourself the headache of manually correcting bank detail discrepancies.

Save time

Less time spent chasing failed transactions means more time spent on the more important parts of running your business.

Save money

It costs an average of £50 to correct a transaction with inaccurate details, due to wasted company time. (Source: Bacs)

Improved customer perception

Most customers won’t appreciate being asked to correct their details weeks after the fact. Make their payment experience as smooth as possible using sort code and account number checking and validation.

1 in 40 sort code/account details are entered incorrectly.

Source: BankVal usage statistics

  • Modulus checks and validates sort code and account number combinations

  • Returns bank branch address

  • Transposes non-standard account numbers into Bacs format

  • Checks if branch allows Direct Debits, Direct Credits, CHAPS and Faster Payments

  • Meets Bacs validation requirements for Direct Debit

Easy setup

No software to install. BankVal has a cloud based API, so it can be easily integrated anywhere in your system. Use at point of data capture on your web page, your back office systems and on your paperless Direct Debit page.

Maintenance free

BankVal servers are updated weekly with the latest EISCD sort code data and validation rules. Keep your payments and collections running smoothly.

Expert support

Receive support from our UK-based expert engineers. We’ll help you get up and running and make sure you get the most out of our service. We pride ourselves on our quality support and business knowledge.

BankVal Gravity Form

BankVal Gravity Form

Plug in the BankVal WordPress gravity form directly into your webpage to validate bank details at the point of entry. Ensuring all the accounts entered meet the Bacs validation requirements for Direct Debit.

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Hastings is a UK based broker offering a wide range of personal lines Insurance products and services, this includes private car, motorcycle, home and commercial van. Alongside this we offer a number of complementary products such as personal accident, legal, breakdown and substitute vehicle cover.

In 2010 we set out to improve our online customer experience and deliver internal efficiencies in our direct debit set up and collection processes.
Our requirements to deliver this were simple: we needed an externally hosted, cost effective solution, that was highly responsive, accurate and provided excellent levels of availability for our 24 hour business.

The Unified BankVal service was selected as our solution of choice and has been successfully delivering this functionality since 2010.

Head of IT Development, Hastings Insurance

Meet Bacs requirements for Direct Debit Compliance

For Paperless Direct Debit Compliance Bacs states that: “ It is the organisations responsibility to verify the customer and validate their details. For example identity, account details, customer address”

BankVal can help you meet these requirements with a suite of Fraud Detection and Know Your customer checks

Fraud Prevention

Use AI Fraud Prevention to stop anomalous activity in real time

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Address Validation

Check your customer address is valid

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Email Verification

Check your customers email is valid and belongs to them

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