Accurate Validation for Frictionless Payments

Unified Software provides Sort Code and Account Number Validation with built in Fraud Prevention, for all your "Know Your Customer" needs

ISO 27001 Certified

Stop Direct Debit Fraud

Built in AI driven Fraud Prevention module. Recognises fraudulent behaviour before data enters your system.

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Sort Code and Account Validation

Built in sort code and account number validation at point of data capture. Keeping your payments running smoothly.

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Sort Code Directory

An up-to-date Sort Code Directory maintained by Vocalink on behalf of the UK Payments Administration.

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We’re here to help businesses make payments and get paid. Unified Software offers complete Know Your Customer checks, including bank details validation, email validation with verification and our AI driven fraud prevention.

At Bath Spa University we are using BankVal to validate new bank account details. This means that Bacs transmissions work first time. It has removed the problem of payments failing the modulus check just as we are trying to submit our Bacs pay runs. Our payments to suppliers and students are more reliable now we are using BankVal.

Systems Accountant, Bath Spa University

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