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Usage API

Usage API

We have now made available a new API service which we hope will allow you to better track your usage figures for the BankVal API services.

The usage API will return the number of VALID and INVALID responses that have been returned between the set dates that are sent to the API. This will give you an idea of how many calls you have made in total to the BankVal APIs.
There are two separate APIs, one for the original BankVal/BankVal International and AddVal APIs (REST and SOAP usage) and two for the new BVE and BVIE (BankVal Enhanced and Bankval International Enhanced) APIs.

All calls to the services require a Uname and PIN number, these are the same as those you use to call that service. The responses from the REST services are available in JSON format only as show below, there will be a count of valid calls made between the start and end dates supplied (inclusive).

The product used would be “BVUK” for BankVal UK, “BVINT” for BankVal International or “ADDVAL” for AddressVal for the product section of the call.

Example Original API response
{“Valid”: 2003, “Invalid”: 340}

Calling the Enhanced APIs Usage API
The usage statistics for the enhanced API is available as a service under the normal enhanced API, to call it you should include a “counts” object with the start and end dates of the required period as shown below in an example call. The rest of the call should be identical to a call to the enhanced API, please see the BankVal Enhanced and BankVal International Enhanced user guides for more details.

The end points for BVE:

The end points for BVIE:

Example call for counts:
“counts”:{startdate:”dd-mm-yyyy”, enddate:”dd-mm-yyyy”}}

N.B. if the ‘counts’ object is included with a normal call to the service, i.e. account validation it will be quietly ignored, that is to say that the response will be such as if the counts object was not there.

This will return any counts split into valid and invalid for the given uname for any services used within the given period similar to the Original API response however including a Validation ID.

For more information on the Usage API, including the Usage API User Guide, please contact