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What is SCVAS and why is it important?

SCVAS stands for Sort Code Validation Accreditation Scheme. It’s a voluntary scheme ran by Pay.Uk to help provide assurance that sort code information is up-to-date and accurate.

The aim is to improve the quality of bank reference data provided by companies that supply sort code validation software on a subscription or pay-per-use basis. This means that these companies can offer assurance to their customers that their information is spot-on, with Pay.UK’s seal of approval. SCVAS is important because it improves the overall integrity of the payments processing industry, by incentivising companies to hold their products to a high standard.

How to get accredited?

SCVAS gives companies a way to gain industry recognition for their sort code products, so there’s a strong incentive to apply. However, not just any sort code checking product can call itself SCVAS approved – there are several criteria that the product must meet.

1. Firstly, the product must provide a list of sorting codes, the types Bacs transactions that the sort codes can accept, and whether or not each sort code can accept Faster Payments.

2. This information must be sourced from VocaLink, and updated at least monthly, but preferably weekly.

3. If the product provides modulus checking, this information must be sourced from the VocaLink Modulus database.

4. Once being approved, the company must demonstrate that the product continually meets the criteria, or the accreditation can be withdrawn at any time.

BankVal UK

Unified Software’s BankVal bank details validation software is fully SCVAS accredited for its availability, sourcing, accessibility, and additional functionality.

BankVal checks and validates sort code and account number combinations in real time as they’re entered, giving customers a secure and error-free checkout process. Our servers are updated weekly with the latest EISCD sort code data, to keep payments running as smoothly as possible.

At Unified our mission statement is to help people make payments and get paid. That’s why maintaining SCVAS accreditation is important to us – we want our users to conduct their payments safe in the knowledge that they’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date sort code information possible.