Sort Code Finder and Account Checker

BankVal UK - Sort Code Finder and Account Checker

Validate UK sort codes and account numbers using the latest Voca EISCD (Extended Industry Sorting Code Directory) and bank specific validation rules.

Unified Software is an authorised distributor of the EISCD under licence from VocaLink.


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  • Ensures Direct Debit, Faster Payments and Bacs payments work first time.
  • Saves cost and time spent manually correcting rejected payments.
  • Validates at point of data capture. Ideal for online Direct Debit mandate forms.
  • Easy integration into existing systems.
  • Set up in minutes.
  • Low cost solution. View Prices
  • UK sort code finder - returns allowed transaction types, clearing information and more for any UK bank branch.

BankVal UK is a web service. All software and reference data are maintained by us. You access the service via a secure internet connection. You have access to accurate, up to date validation at all times.

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  • Transposition of non standard account numbers into Bacs format
  • Accurate validation of sort code and account numbers using latest Voca EISCD supplied under licence from VocaLink
  • Full modulus check of UK account numbers
  • Full modulus check of sort code and account number combinations
  • Returns entire EISCD data for given sort code
  • Customer support from our business advisors and technical team

See how easy it is to integrate BankVal UK into your own system with a 30 day Free Trial.

Our Cookbook contains an extensive Code Library written in house by our technical team to help you get up and running quickly.

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left quote marksBankVal web services enabled Homeserve Warranties to rapidly integrate essential services into our in house business solution thanks to the zero setup cost/time and a trial period to get our solution fully tested before going live.

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