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How does BankVal work?

What is BankVal?

BankVal is  Unified Software’s award winning sort code & account number validation software. It’s an essential cloud-based solution that allows companies to instantly check the validity of bank details entered by customers. We developed BankVal to help your company save time and money by making sure your payments and Direct Debits work first time.

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What is BankVal?

BankVal is a web service. That means the bank details validation software, the dynamic validation rules and reference data, are all located on the BankVal servers.

These servers are accessed by your system over the internet. To use BankVal you’ll need to call the service from within your software. All processing of data is performed remotely on the BankVal web server and the results are returned in real time over the internet to your server.

As the messages sent over the internet contain your personal user ID and sensitive bank account details, they are protected using 256 bit SSL/TLS encryption. This is the same level of online security that’s used by major banks. BankVal is configured to operate only in this mode.

Standard APIs for all platforms

BankVal services use standard SOAP and REST APIs to allow easy access from your applications. API stands for Application Programming Interface. The flexibility and platform independence of these APIs ensures that BankVal’s validation can be built into your systems, exactly where you need it. At the point of data capture, before data submission to payment networks, during data migration – BankVal fits in anywhere in a matter of minutes.

The Developer’s area of our site contains program code examples developed by our engineers.

BankVal web services are supported in house by the people who built them, so feel free to contact us with any questions to receive expert technical support.