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Submitting Bacs Payments during Lockdown

We’re all facing interesting times, with new challenges as we prepare for the new normal of working from home. BankPay, our online payment gateway application, is perfectly suited to the conditions we find ourselves in since coronavirus appeared.

Technical Challenges

BankPay can operate from home via the multitude of remote PC solutions that are available. Chrome Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, and GoToMyPC to name a few all offer solutions. One challenge with this approach is the smart-card required to securely make your submissions to Bacs. Setting the smart-card up to work with a remote connection can, however, be a technological minefield. Your smart-card may need to be plugged into your office machine, or home machine depending on the solution and setup you choose. However, setting Gemalto middleware and Windows RDS up to work from your home PC can be far from trivial. The remote PC services are generally simpler to get working, however, you do have the issue of leaving your smart-card, plugged-in, in the office.


The solution to this conundrum is simple. BankPay’s cloud based nature coupled with its permissive licensing model means you can simply use it directly from home. Whichever pricing model you have there are no restrictions on number or location of hardware it is used from. After installing the Gemalto smart-card software on your local machine, plug in the smart-card reader and smart-card. Then you are ready to log in to BankPay and make your payments and collections.


Whether you choose to connect via VPN, VNC, RDS, GTMP, CRD etc. or submit directly from home, you can be assured your data will be processed in adherence to the highest industry standards, and that your payments and collections are on their way. Leaving you to focus on running your business.